Sunday, 19 May 2013

Kid Lit blog Hop #16: Post Office Book Review #7:Twinkle

Welcome back to the Kid Lit Blog Hop #16

Well, to explain the title of this post, for anyone who didn't link in last hop, I have a confession. Sometimes I buy cheap books for Gigi from our local post office. They aren't exactly literary genius and occasionally the stories don't make any sense at all. Now that I am a permanent hostess on the hop, I was joking with Renee our illustrious CEO and master of all that is blog hop, that if we get desperate to make it to our target 100 links I may be forced to do a Post Office Book Review.

Here we are again folks, not quite to 100 links, so I am forced with one arm tied behind my back do another Post Office Book Review. Well, truth be told there is no forcing, we love it as you may have figured out.

Today's jem is TWINKLE by Nick Bland

Penny Pasketti gazes out her window each night at the stars until one night something very strange happens. A little star falls and she makes a new friend.

My favourite line is
"Together they chased the quietness away and filled the night with giggle and bounce."
But soon Little Star had to go, so Penny and Little Star have to find a way home. Penny hits on a plan and all is well in the world

I thought Gigi wouldn't take to this book initially because there is not alot of colour in the illustrations, even thought they are beautiful. However, as per usual she proves me wrong, and Twinkle is requested every night now. It is such a sweet story, we love it and its one you don't get sick of reading it, but you can decide for yourself.

Twinkle, by Nick Bland read aloud............

But wait!
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Hope you enjoy the hop.

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  1. For those who love to read, Julie, I truly think it doesn't matter if the books come leather-bound and gilt-eged or, indeed, from the post office. Heck, I've been known to read the toothpaste tube while attending to morning duties! The words are the thing. Thanks for putting the "Twinkle" in our eyes! And congrats on the upcoming book!

    1. I couldn't agree more Melinda, thanks so much for stopping by and your well wishes. It has been a great book week. Cheers Julie Grasso

  2. Hahaha, I love Melinda's comment about reading the toothpaste tube! I must admit that I do the same! lol

    That was a sweet book! You realize you now have to do not only reviews, but VIDEO reviews of all these post office books every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month in the foreseable future. I think people look forward to them - really, I think they do! ;)

    1. LOL awww thanks Renee, but you are probably the only one that looks forward to it. We have created our own monster really having a post office book review every fortnight, but secretly we love it. I read that one way to continue to encourage literacy in your child is to video yourself reading books, so they can watch them anytime and enjoy you reading to them. Danny has used the youtube video's a couple of times while waiting for me to keep Gigi distracted and she loved it. So there you go, a stellar excuse to keep the post office book review going. Best get off to the post office to get a few more.....Thanks for stopping by my one and only fan LOL Well, this time two fans...Thanks Melinda