Friday, 10 May 2013

Friendship Friday with Create with Joy

Hi Folks and Welcome to Friendship Friday

I happened upon Create With Joy's blog a few weeks ago during the Kid Lit Blog Hops when I saw this cool hop, I decided, I would join in

This Week’s Theme Is Television

Last week, we had fun discussing our favorite Movies so I thought it would be fun to discuss our favorite Television Shows this week!
  • What genre of television shows do you enjoy the most? Well, if you have a little look around my blog you may figure that I LOVE Science Fiction. I grew up on Doctor Who, reading Frank Herbert, watching Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars etc. Confession: I own a tardis
  • Which television shows are your current favorites? I love Castle, Eureka,( my husband wants to live in the Sarah house) Leverage, Arrested Development, Star Gate, Star Gate Atlantis, Psych, Chuck. Yep, I am one super nerd with a mix of forensics.
  •  Which season finale are you most anticipating? FRINGE  I have seen it but tonight my husband and I are watching the absolute series finale. We know how it ends, but the excitement is still huge. We love this show, with its quirky characters,  crazy science, time travel and  intricate relationships.
  • What’s your favorite television show of all time?IT has to be FRINGE 
So there you have it folks, a little bit about me. Now I am off to hop around the other blogs, see you in the sphere. Julie Grasso

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  1. glad I convinced you to watch SGU!!!! It's awesome! You'll have to get back to me while or when finished! if you remember-lol
    Nice to meet you back!