Monday, 6 May 2013

Kid Lit Blog Hop #15: Pos Office Book Review #6

Welcome back to the Kit Lit Blog Hop #15

Well, to explain the title of this post, for anyone who didn't link in last hop, I have a confession. Sometimes I buy cheap books for Gigi from our local post office. They aren't exactly literary genius and occasionally the stories don't make any sense at all. Now that I am a permanent hostess on the hop, I was joking with Renee our illustrious CEO and master of all that is blog hop, that if we get desperate to make it to our target 100 links I may be forced to do a Post Office Book Review.

Well, this week, is truly a hundred percent pinky swear a POST OFFICE BOOK REVIEW. I did purchase this one for about $2 but don't let the cheap-ness of my purse fool you on the quality. This one is from Walker Books and Gigi frequently ask for "BEAST" to be read.

So here it is.......

When I first read this I thought it was a bit odd actually, but after several reads, we just love the rhyme and repetition and the back of the book even has ideas as to how to engage a child, such as.

  • Join in repeated phrases
  • Make their own character list
  • Draw pictures of their own characters
  • See if the child can remember the characters in sequence
  • Different ways of describing how for example to "eat"
  • What does the child feel about the ending, and how the Ravenous Beast might feel.
  • ul=""> All a bit too early for Gigi, but we will explore the ideas when she is older. However, what I find amazing about books like this is. Straight after we read it, Gigi snatches it off us, turns the pages from front to back and paraphrases in babydegook what the story is about, getting several of the words correct.

Now thats what I call engaging!  
SO! without further ado and back by popular demand....Read aloud of

"The Ravenous Beast" by Niamh Sharkey

So there you have it folks. I do hope you enjoy, but before we hop off.
I am honoured to announce that I am one of 10 Nominees from my good friend Sue over at

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So although I am not technically part of the Wordpress family, I am part of the blogoverse and here are 
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Happy Hopping folks 

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  1. Aw! Thanks for the nomination! And congrats on yours :) These kind of things always leave warm, fuzzy feelings inside.

    1. Always great to have you stop by Tonya, cheers Jules

  2. This book sounds like such fun! I love the ideas you shared to go with it. :)

    Congrats on the nomination!

  3. Awww. Thanks for the nomination and how exciting about yours as well! You are so sweet. This blogging adventure (technical support) for Stanley & Katrina has proven to be quiet a blessing for me - I adore my Cyberspace family.

    Your reading is wonderful. Although the ending made me sad (yet cracked me up at the same time) - I love that about books.

    Thanks for hosting the blog hop!

    1. Lol I know it's a bit macabre but hilarious, and we are so thankful for wonderful friends like you. Jules

  4. SO glad you decided to do another read-aloud! Love it!

    1. Thanks Katie we are glad you stopped by

  5. Aw...Congrats on your well-deserved award and thanks for nominating me too! :D

    And thanks once again for your brilliant narration of the delightful post office book! It's like you are in my living room reading it to me. lol

  6. Yes it was fun with Gigi clattering around in the background lol

  7. Thanks for the nomination from me too... and I get my own back by awarding you the Super-Sweet Blogger Award :)