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Review :Fallen Pharoah Book 3 Quest Series

It's time to reunite without the burden of a perilous quest.  Let's just sit back, relax and enjoy the moment.  The idea is simple enough.  What could possibly go wrong?
Tragedy sends a shockwave across the land, and rumours begin to surface and spread.  Has the very thing that protects the Pharaoh gone missing?  An ancient Egyptian legend foretells that without it, the safety of the Pharaoh is doomed.  Khafre calls upon his trusted friends from the future to seek out the fabled Ankh of Life.
It's a quest to discover if the legend is true.  If it is, our heroes need to find the ankh and return it to its rightful place.  The awesome foursome from the future are in the race of their life - against the passage of time and mysterious forces that want them stopped.  
This edge-of-your-seat adventure weaves its thrills and mystery through the very crossroads of time itself.  From ancient Egypt, to the centre of time, to modern Paris.  The gang of four must face their most amazing encounters so far.
The pressure is on.  Who is trying to stop them?  Will our heroes overcome the danger and challenges of their newest quest?  Only time will tell.
The time has come for the legend to rise and protect.

My Review

Book 3 in the series is by far the best. I am going to do my best not to give any spoilers, but the beginning scenes of the book were absolutely facinating. The kids travel back to ancient Egypt using the ephemeral portal, only to find themselves right in the middle of an extremely momentous occasion. The descriptions of the ceremony which I won't give away, were truly enthralling, as we get a detailed glimpse into the customs of the ancient egyptians.

Next the kids find themselves on a dangerous quest, which takes them to an incredible place called "Times Square," but its not the times square you are thinking of. The author's descriptions were fantastic, with the usual mix of dry humour.
The kids realise the answer to their quest lies in none other than modern day Paris and believe me when I say, you will get a huge kick out of the description of what the Eiffel tower really is for....oops, spoiler, I can't say anymore. 
A fast paced action packed adventure that will teach kids a huge amount of ancient history, topped with classic one liners including sand dribbling statues, papyrazzi and hieroglyphic graffiti. 
One of my favourite lines when the author describes the dastardly villains the Uberdiles. 
" They looked tough but they were not the sharpest chisels in the chamber.'

5 stars. I loved this third book in the series and recommend for kids aged 9-12.

Due for release on June 1.

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S.W. Lothian is a funny and cool guy from Australia. His kids call him ‘Phil Dunphy’, because he reminds them of the dad from Modern Family.  He isn’t sure whether this is a compliment or not, but he takes it as a compliment.

 When he writes, it’s for his kids.  He writes stories to excite them, inspire them and teach.  Stories with awesome edge-of-your-seat action and adventure scattered with fun.  Stories that let adults remember their own childhood dreams.

His dream has evolved over the years, from superstar cartoonist – to corporate soldier – to proud parent – to children’s writer.  In his wildest dreams, his books will be extremely successful.  However, it’s one step at a time.  A waterfall starts with a trickle; he hopes his books are his waterfall.  He’s building that waterfall – one book at a time.

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  1. Thanks for the review Julie. It's great to know that you enjoyed the quest.

  2. So good to know that the series keeps going strong. We are slowly (a little too slowly) reading book 1. Enjoying it very much. Great review, Julie. Great line, also.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by Cool Mom. We hope you enjoy the series, cheers Julie