Tuesday, 1 May 2012

All quiet on the western front

Well not quite the western front, but more like western Melbourne front, ha ha

Baby asleep, clothes folded, bathroom clean, car booked in for service, end of book that I have been reading for 4 months finished, food for dinner thawing, what the..... oh and book 2 wrapped up yesterday and sent to my sister for an opinion...........

It's eerily calm and my thoughts wander to book 1 which has been at the editors for what seems like an eternity. The suspense is killing me even though I am self publishing, its still nerve wracking to find out what an editor thought, found or suggests that I change etc.

It's almost as bad as waiting for an email from someone significant for 6 weeks, you know who you are....hehe.

Oh better go, little Miss G has awoken, and my peaceful morning has vanished into the mist of a cold Melbourne morning.

3 weeks and counting.........

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