Monday, 14 May 2012

A tasty tasting plate of taste sensations

He he,  explanation needed.  I am just sitting down to an afternoon tasting plate of left over antipasto, oomm, fresh olives, semi dried tomatoes, dutch smoked cheese, oooommm.  If your mouth is watering now, well wait until you read my book. It is full of tasty treats, as my elves really love a festival with lashings of sticky date and chocolate cake with caramel sauce, he he, you will just have to wait for my book release to read more....he he
Anyway, the whole point of today's post is that I have learnt a lot in editing about less is more. I don't need to offer endless explanations,....well unless it involves a tasty treat. 

I am finished in editing now and I am starting to work on my marketing plan for my book while I wait on my very talented friend to do the cover art. I think a great cover is worth waiting for, so I will just wait here patiently until it is ready, however I fear I may gain several kilo's if I keep up with this afternoon's taste sensation. 

Keep you posted when I have a cover ready..........


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