Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Desperately seeking solace in salt and vinegar crisps

Confession, whilst out buying some baby food for my little G, I succumbed to the crisps aisle.  I am feeling pretty tired and very overwhelmed.

Indie self publishing is an awesome experience, and at the end of this process which never ends I am told, I will be able to say I really did it all under my own steam.

I am looking at the list of things that I will need to do in order to make this book happen and the excel spreadsheet is numbering past the hundred. Part of me just wants to get my book out there, but from all my research and great new friends on twitter, I have to be prepared.

Danny had a laugh with me the other day when I said I am doing my marketing plan.  He was like, oh wow are you gonna become one of those entrepreneurial mums who makes it all happen from our kitchen table, ( well, I think it wasn't quite that eloquent but I am a wanna be writer, I can embellish. he he)
I was like, oh maybe, I hope if my book is good enough, people will want to share it and read it and share it and read it. 

Anyway, I better get on our rowing machine tonight to work off my little salt and vinegar crisp habit. I better keep wading through my to do list.

I am definitely going to have a crispy celebration when it is all done.


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