Friday, 4 May 2012

A trip to the grammartologist

So my manuscript is back from first editing.....the wait is over,..... I click on the document and begin to scroll through.....hmmmm there are only a few dialogue boxes to the side with suggestions.....hmmm surely I am not that good.  I expected grammar, punctuation and spelling corrections left right and centre..........

oooops turn track changes on................oh that's more like it, lol I am not that good, 4823 corrections, lol lol lol,

All I can say is thank goodness for grammartologists ( I just made that word up) as they can see what you no longer can see in your manuscript.  A bit like smelling your own perfume, its impossible after a while. 

I also learnt a a great tip from my computer nerd husband, shuussh don't tell anyone, it is a closely guarded secret used in computer nerd word, ohhh, alright

Ctrl F,    Find and replace is my secret weapon against overcapitisation.  Overcapitalisation you ask, isn't that when you put too much money in something, well in the business world it probably is, but when it comes to me, its a penchant to put a capital letter on anything and everything that I feel is important throughout my manuscript.  LOL,.....I rest my case.

Ctrl F has saved my sanity when it comes to finding where I am at in my manuscript. Danny taught me this time honoured technique when he got sick of me losing my place whenever I closed off writing for the day.

Now I use my trusty Ctrl F to find the words UP TO HERE ( capitals as it is important hehe) and I will never ever lose my place again.  Oh except when I have fail to delete the previous UP TO HERE and end up with several found in the document, LOL.

Enough rambling for one day, better get back to it, I have to return my manuscript to the grammartologist and like all good ologists, they don't like to wait.

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