Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I'm a twitter girl, in a twitter world

Confession, I joined twitter with an innocent motive to find out the skinny on my favourite tv shows and to be honest, it has taken me about 2 months to really understand the hieroglyphics of tweeting. 

It seemed to me that the cool kids were all tweeting about this and that but I couldn't figure out how to get in on the conversation.  So I typed  "books" into a subject search and I was amazed by the results.  I have found authors, stay at home mum authors, agents, book bloggers, book enthusiasts, book reviewers, even self confessed book obsessed tweeters that I have begun to follow and it has given me an insight into author blogs, websites, e-book releases, blog tours, twitter parties, and the general international twitter book world.

One word of advice though, after attending to small baby at 4 am, do not use twitter to pass the minutes away until said small baby self settles, because you will end up twittering away for far too long and not be able to get back to sleep.

Maybe one day I will be twitter friendly enough to impress said small baby once she has grown up and no longer thinks I am cool, I can only hope he he.

But ohh, I almost forgot my exciting and nerve wracking news, my BOOK IS BACK FROM EDITING, WAHOO.

Now I can feel a sonnet coming on

How do I loathe thee track changes.... let me count the 4823 ways, better get accepting changes, or will I go a tweeting, hooom,


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