Monday, 7 May 2012

Todays menu, editing with a side of schnitzel

As every wanna be author and actual author will tell you, no great work has ever been created without the magic of editing and I am absolutely blown away by the work that my editor has put in to help my story flow. 
I have actually fallen in love all over again with my own story,( sad really I know) as I have been re reading it again after I waded through the mire of track changes.

Its taken me a week and I am so excited to announce that I have finished it this morning while my little G girl is having a very prolonged day sleep after an unsettled night of teething.  I have even managed to whip up a chicken schnitzel which will be on tonight's dinner menu.

My little booky is starting to take shape, and I am waiting very impatiently for some drafts of the cover, but the next step is back to the editor for the final review.......

Starting to get excited now....... but back to reality, the G girl has awakened......


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