Saturday, 19 May 2012

Widgets, meme's and ebook woes

Confession, I thought a meme was a typo, and widget was an annoying worm that can get into your ear. Give me a medical abbreviation stat, he he,  I speak fluent hospital but when it comes to twitter and face book and good reads, its like Egyptian hieroglyphics and I am not alone.  I have a friend who is much younger than me who asked me to explain what this twitter thing is.  he he. 

Technical stuff has never been my strong point. I remember telling one of my friends that I sent her an email but this daemon person must be sick of getting them because he keeps sending me messages back. Go on you are free to laugh.  Thankfully I have a tec savvy husband and friends and family who will help me with this stuff along the way.

The whole point of this blog was that one day I would write a kids book, well, I have done that, actually, I have written two and they are both on the way to indie self publication, but that seems to be the easy part of this story.

Marketing and selling an ebook sounds so simple but after searching an awful lot of reader blogs I have found that many do not accept ebooks for review.  I am starting to wonder if the book world will ever catch up the the technology that is driving it.

So I am putting it out to the universe, are children reading ebooks, are they ever going to read ebooks and if so how do I get my book into the places where it will be noticed.  Any tips would be welcomed by this reformed but still struggling Luddite. 


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  1. Other readers and writers will review your eBooks. Many readers on Goodreads review eBooks too. Make friends with other children's authors, join their groups on Goodreads. Join on-line critique groups. Oh, and definitely publish your book with Amazon KDP Select. You are allowed to do free days with them and they advertise all over the world for you. This gets unknown authors known and when the promotion is finished, folks will buy your eBooks or paperbacks. It's easier than you think.