Friday, 13 April 2012

Warning: remove child from potty then blog

Have you ever heard the phrase, if she had a brain she would be dangerous, well my version should be,

Miss G actually slept most of the night which is cause for much cheering and possible entry to well known record book haha.  The follow on from that is that I consequently had some real sleep which seems to inflate my perception of what I am capable of.

So,  6 am, after miss G wakes with the usual gleaming smile on her face, I put her on the potty and proceeded to daydream about story ideas. 

The next thing I knew, Miss G had launched herself towards me, after doing a wee that she must have stored up since the beginning of time, and splish splash, I am suddenly awoken from my daydream to the harsh and wet reality of raising a 9 month old.

After much gafawing, I took this photo of Miss G, smiling and clapping away in her cot with her favourite Fraggle as I attempted to remove the evidence.

The moral of the story is, remove child from potty then blog, haha

A little less daydreaming today I think..........

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