Sunday, 22 April 2012

To sell or not to sell that is the question

Danny and I have a long running difference of opinion about what you do with books once they are read.

Danny thinks that once you buy a book you never ever get rid of it because you might want to read it again one day.   I agree in most cases except when it comes to forensic pathology suspense, by two very well known authors, one has a major hit TV show of which the books are loosely based.

My argument is that once you have read that kind of book and you know how it ends, you just never ever ever read them again.  So after many circular conversations and little husband/wife rivalry, haha, ( Danny says they will never sell haha)  I decide to pile the books up and take a photo of them and put them on gumtree ( website that you can advertise goods for sale on).

I upload my photo and put about 5 bucks a book on them and voila, in about 2 hours I had a buyer for the lot.  I told Danny and he was suitably impressed.

....hooom, a little too good to be true......So I email the details for the payment and oops the buyer was in another country and needed an agent to pick the books up and oh, she has made a double payment to 'my account' to cover the delivery cost for the agent, so I will just have to transfer half the money to her 'agent' first before the money can be released to my account..........

Sigh, ohh well, lucky I didn't come down with the last shower,.... delete add from gum tree and raise white flag in the

Anyway, several weeks later, we are trying to figure out a way to prop the head of our bed up.  I have reflux and need the bed elevated.  We have two wooden blocks, but our bed is a king size and Danny thinks it will need some more support in the middle.

"What about your ---- ------ ( I better not use the authors name haha) books, they might work," Danny suggests.  So we prop them in all the right places and voila, perfect.

I guess when an author spends countless hours mulling over the infinite details of their work and a publisher goes through the arduous process of creating a book, marketing it and selling it, do they ever think it will end up propping up the head of a bead.

I guess its a good thing I am going to publish and E-book, lol

Two and a half weeks and counting........

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