Saturday, 14 April 2012

Spell checking is the new air brushing


If I can't spell a word, sometimesI am too lazy to search on the thesaurus, or spell check it. I would rather just think of another word, lol.

In my defence, I wasn't always this bad at spelling, I was pretty good till high school.  Well, with the exception ( i hope that's the correct spelling as I can't be bothered checking haha) of the word WHO.  That has baffled me forever.  I learned shorthand which does everything phonetically ( don't even start on that one, it's phonetic so I can spell it however it sounds if i like haha), so my spelling deteriorated after that.

I have a friend who used to return letters with red corrections, it was never to me, I was never game to write him a letter, so it may have been an urban myth that he self perpetuated so that he wouldn't have to suffer the poor sentence structure and grammatical errors.

I also had a medical consultant that I worked with as a nurse that loathed grammatical errors.  I found myself reducing all communications to part cave man,  "Need doctor stat."

Anyway, I have decided it's time to reform and start using my little friend spell check when I am writing.

After all spell checking is the new airbrushing, ooh and I just used it on this little excerpt and it picked up quite a few errors, lol.


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