Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A few stolen hours

Well, when you have a 9 month old baby who has never really gotten the idea of consecutive hours sleep, you tend to rejoice when you have a few stolen hours to yourself. 

I have to wonder, how many of the great works by mum's all over the world have been written from a 4 am inspiration session, when the baby has gone back to sleep but you are left with a mind that is racing for the new day.

It makes sense really.  You are awake, and there is quiet and the creative juices flow so instead of mourning the loss of the sleep,  why not use the time to your best advantage. 

To add to the momentum, Miss G had a two hour sleep after morning tea, so I found myself with 120 whole minutes of which to put my inspiration into words.

I truth, I love writing dialogue, its just so fun to be inside the head of each character because you created them.  What I have found in my first few drafts, I tend to write out what I want the character to impart, but don't necessarily put that in dialogue. I have been told so many times, show don't tell but that isnt always so easy to do. 

So two whole hours of bouncing dialogue between my characters has given me renewed vigor for the direction of my story but also some new concepts I would like to put it.

I can't tell you how precious these moments are with a little bub. ( I am writing this in between spoonfuls of banana yoghurt which is generally being flung across the room.)  I am starting to feel my brain is beginning to thaw out from the 9 months of mayhem but I am not complaining.

Here's to another 4 am inspiration session of which I am sure Miss G will keep her end of the bargain.

Catch you in the next installment.


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