Friday, 20 April 2012

A bad egg

Well after our morning ritual of miss G spreading cream cheese on toast all over her face hands and high chair, I decided it was time for some breakfast. 

Scrambled eggs today, I decided, and I cracked the first egg into the bowl, gahhhh.  A bad egg. Wash bowl and take out a new egg and this time a cup to crack it into ( my mother would be very proud) and gahhh another bad egg.

Shame spiral, consolation needed, ooohhh home made gluten free crumpets from my sister in law, ooh yeah, 2 minutes in the micky, butter and syrup, ooooooh, thats the business.

Gigi is laughing whilst jumping in front of the tv holding onto her play gym ( working off her cankles, hehe) and it occurred to me.   I may have a little obsession.

All will be revealed when my little booky is published, so spoiler alert, but I may have dreamt up an entire race of elves, addicted to pancakes and a delicious syrupy sauce and its any wonder why, they are one of my all time favouritest foods, not including cheese burgers and cheesecake.  ha ha

So stay tuned for my book and be sure to read it with a snack nearby.


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