Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Be still my creaking bones

That's what my sister says about putting her little girl to bed, her bones only have to creak and she wakes up and little miss G is just like her cousin.

I was starting to believe that they should make an addition to the saying " there is nothing certain in life bar death and taxes", tack "controlled crying" on the end and you will have summed it up.

So we have finally "bitten the bullet", pardon another pun and given controlled crying a go, for everyone's sanity, we all need sleep and from all the books I have read, it is inevitable if you want to teach a child to sleep.  They do however mention that some babies aren't ready till much later and that is little miss G, but I digress, the whole point of today's blog.


Refer to previous post about if I ever have any real sleep I would be dangerous, haha, so who knows what today will bring.

And what was the key to our success last night you ask.  Whilst doing the timed returning to soothe, I worked on book 2, ( I am up to chapter 7) and it was just the distraction I needed from the angst of the controlled crying regime.

Little miss woke at 630 and we began our morning ritual of potty and her favourite show streamed over my Iphone and I had a vision:  One day printing my books and presenting them to her only to hear " what are those" lol.

By that time, the E-book will probably have made the paper versions look like a dinosaur, so its lucky I am going to go with the E-pub format.

Two weeks and counting........ 

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