Monday, 23 April 2012

The journey of Self

Self settling....hooom, I was starting to wonder if this is an urban myth.  It's an odd term really and one I hadn't encountered until I had a child that completely, and utterly refused to do so, lol

9 months in and last night was the first time she has ever "self settled".  Cheers and hooray, but it takes a fair bit of crying for that to happen.  Every book assures me this is normal and it is the only way that a baby will learn how to sleep but it is heavy going.

In my 3 am haze of allowing her to "self settle" I began pondering the journey of Self that my little miss G will have ahead of her. 

Self awareness, self assurance, self defence, self regulate, self denial, self explanatory, self proclaim, these are all terms that my little girl will have to learn on the path to developing and maturing her sense of self.

It is part of why I wanted to write a book, even before she was born.  I wanted to write a character that faces adversity but learns to overcome her disability to unlock her amazing potential.  The path along the way is rugged and not cookie cut, so she also must also learn perseverance and ultimately forgiveness to continue on her path.  

My books in essence will be a journey of Self, and I hope one day my little miss G will enjoy them and learn valuable lessons along the way towards her own journey of Self.


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