Monday, 27 August 2012

GUTGAA is almost here

For anyone following my progress, I am participating in a wonderful opportunity called GUTGAA, thanks to the very generous Deanna Barnhart for hosting an awesome Blog Hop.

So if you are interested, head on over to Deanna's blog and join in the fun.

Deana Barnhart
Week one starting 3 September will be a meet and greet, so here are a few things you might want to know about me.

Julie Anne Grasso
  • I am a registered nurse with a nerdy sci fi addiction
  • I love cupcakes and absolutely anything caramel, infact, some may say I am obsessed with caramel. Hopefully if I make it into the agent pitch contest you will see why, so look out for my query, hint hint.
  • I live in the wonderful city of Melbourne Australia
  • I do not have kangaroos or koala's in my backyard.
  • I have a baby girl that we like to call the Divine Miss Gigi
  • I have one super supportive husband who shares my nerdy sci fi addiction
  • Yes I own a Tardis.
  • I have a dream of traditional publishing my middle grade science fiction, but I am also pursuing self publishing and I have an absolutely awesome cover, almost ready to reveal so stay tuned.
That's all for me, so stop by and leave me a comment and I will be sure to hop over to your blog to say Gidday, ( yes I do say gidday, despite cringing internally even writing that, lol)

Looking forward to GUTGAA and maybe, just maybe, I will have some nibbles on my query, fingers crossed.

Best of luck to all my fellow bloggers,


Thursday, 23 August 2012

A small vegemite toast window of opportunity

Well friends

I have been a little bit mute on the blog the last month, and to explain the title, I have a small window of quiet when the little G is in her high chair consuming vegemite toast.  The clock is ticking, so I better get on and post.

I have been busy with a few things.  First, my book cover is almost done, Hooray and it is looking awesome. So I will be loading it to Createspace really soon.  Just a few things to finalise and then we are go for launch.  Watch this space............. ESCAPE FROM THE FORBIDDEN PLANET IS COMING SOON.

Second I now have a website or domain name  Its just a place holder with my blog at the moment but eventually there will be some great info about my books and where you can buy them.

Thirdly, I still have the sparkle in my eye for traditional publishing so I have been involved in some stuff to help me hone my query letter.  Write on Con, was incredible and I have met some really talented folks who have offered some great advice on my query.  No Ninjas requesting for me but I did notice one view my profile page, LOL. 

Fourthly, the toast is almost consumed.  I am participating in Deana Barnhart's Gearing Up to Get An Agent Blogfest from 2 September. It is going to loads of fun.
I have already had a lovely visitor to my comments from Donna L Martin, so I am heading on over to her blog now to say hello.

And the last piece just went crunch, so I better go.

Take  care Jambo

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Gearing Up to Get an Agent Blogfest

Hosted by Deanna Barnhart, head on over to her blog to join in the shennanigans.

 Its sounds like a blast and I can't wait to be a part of it. 

Deana Barnhart