Monday 19 November 2018

Stamp Safari Blog Tour

 Welcome to the Stamp Safari Blog Tour

About the book:

A tiny piece of paper from the year 2019 might not sound very interesting to most people. But Max and Oscar – Bluggsville’s sharpest sleuths – aren’t most people! Max has a hunch that this ancient patch of paper might be valuable, and extremely rare.

Max is right – this isn’t just any old piece of paper. It’s a strange, sticky thing called a postage stamp, and it’s more than 400 years old! It’s an exciting discovery, but before long, it leads Max and Oscar into some very sticky situations… 

Our review:
Book 3 in the Max Booth Super Sleuth series, we jump right into the action. Max finds a strange little sticky piece of paper among some of the junk Jessie, is curating for the Bluggsville museum.
Set in the future 2424 in Skyburb 6, a floating city in the sky, we journey with Max and his robot dog on the hunt to discover the origin of this mysterious sticky picture paper. What follows is a roller coaster adventure, with Max and Oscar weeding out the clues.
We especially loved how the mystery was solved. It spoke deep to our seriously nerdy sci fi/mystery loving core, and also tugged a little on our heart strings.

Cameron's writing style is instantly engaging and my 7 year old daughter and I were riveted to this book. Weighing in at 130 pages with its larger print and fun illustrations, I'm certain kids approximately aged 7-9, who are ready to move on from series like Zac Power, will really love this futuristic sleuth series. We certainly want to back track to read the first two books.

About Cameron:

My writing career started at the age of 18, when I wrote a story about a high-school computer hacker. No one wanted to publish it. Then I wrote a poem about a piano-playing monkey. No one wanted to publish that either.

Worried that no one would ever publish any of my own books, I became an editor so that I could interfere with the books of others. Then, in 2008, a lovely publisher asked me to write a book about the Beaconsfield mine disaster. That was the beginning of a new direction - writing for the classroom. And now, with the publication of the Max Booth Future Sleuth series, I'm excited to be writing for an even wider audience. I hope you enjoy.

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