Thursday, 7 December 2017

Blog Tour: Brave and Strong All Day Long

Hi folks, welcome back.

Today we are happy to be a part of the Just Write For Kids blog tour, for Elizabeth Cummings delightful new picture book.

Meet Fiona, a lifeguard. She keeps everyone safe on her beach. Discover her resilience and strength and how she came to be brave and strong all day long. This is the fourth title in this series.

Our Review

As a little girl, Fiona loved to surf on her pink surfboard. The boys sometimes teased her, but Fiona didn't care.  One day, she saw a little boy struggling to swim. She didn't hesitate, she helped him back to shore on her pink surfboard.
As Fiona grew, she often helped the lifeguards, until she joined the surf club.
Her love of the waves and her joy in helping people only grew,  until she became a life guard herself.
Rescuing people became part of her everyday, because Fiona is brave and strong all day long.

A lovely message, about a true hero on the shore. I was delighted to share this story with my little girl, showing her that she can do anything if she puts her mind to it, and no matter what others say, stay true to yourself and follow your dreams.

That's what Elizabeth Cummings book imparts. Bravo!

We recommend for children ages 3-8.

About the Series

  Have you wondered about what other people do? The ordinary, everyday people - the people that make our lives the way they are, those who help us, care for us, look after our town and do the little things that make a difference to our lives. Have you ever caught a little glimpse of their little routines or the daily habits? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be them? In "Verityville" there are many amazing folk, all going about their daily business, making the town what it is. Their work and their efforts make "Verityville" a marvellous place to be, full of wonder, friendship and adventure! Come take a trip to "Verityville" and meet some of the wonderful people who live and work there! 

 About the Author

 "Formally a primary school teacher from UK, I now live in Sydney writing for children and adults alike. My works often take a child's perspective to explain the world and to reflect on important life experiences. My poetry is aimed at general audiences and as well as working on some collaborative ventures and YA projects. My work with 'Elephant in the Room' has lead to presenting at an international storytelling conference at Mansfield College in Oxford UK and a distribution contract with Dennis Jones & Associates. I have published four books to date and won last year's SCWC Writer's prize for a poem about gender and identity." - Elizabeth Cummings

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