Thursday, 12 April 2012

10 is the new 20

I had lunch with one of my all time inspirational and favourite peeps today.

The menus was home made chorizo and chicken and walnut pizza with rocket, and banana and caramel pizza for desert. I mention this because one of those ingredients is actually my main characters name.  ( spoiler alert haha, you will just have to read my book to find out which one.)

Anyway, the point of the story is, I met a little girl that she was baby sitting for the day, aged 10.  Upon discussion about my little booky, she informed me quite eloquently how she had read all the wizard books, the vampire books and the latest book/movie which inspired my last post/rant.

The question is at aged 10, would I have had the reading ability and understanding for the above mentioned books or have I pitched my book at the wrong age.

To answer my own question, because there is no one else to haha, I don't think so.  In my opinion this child was at a very advanced reading level for 10, but in watching her play with my little girl, she was still a child. 

I hope she would like my story because the characters are endearing and the story is exciting but it brought me to my next quandry. Would a 10 year old own a kindle or read a book on a computer. 

In watching miss 10, she spent most of her time playing with Miss G or playing on a lap top so my answer to that one is, I hope so, haha.

Anyway, not that I am counting but 1 week down, 4 weeks till I get my manuscript back from editing, so in closing to quote another all time favourite author, "Don't Panic." 

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