Wednesday, 11 April 2012

An acceptable level of violence

Well Miss G was in her element last night, awake for nearly 3 hours, giving me ample time to mull things over, but I fear this will be a sleep deprivation induced rant.

One of the things that has been plaguing me about book 1, currently being edited so fortunately very fixable is the amount of violence that I have included.  Don't get me wrong, it is pretty tame compared to a very recent best selling novel that has become a movie that all the "kids" are currently watching.

It was pointed out to me by the little girl that read it that there was a bit of violence, so she didnt think the 9 year olds would be ok with it.  ( she was 10, gotta love the vast difference in a 10 year olds mind, haha)

Anyway, it made me rethink just how I portray the darker elements of my story without making them too wishy washy or the impact is lost. 

So what is an acceptable level of violence.  Clearly from the beginning of time we have been killing each other and in the movie I mention above without really mentioning it, the violence was all driven by hunger, but is that really the acceptable level that I want my now 9 month old daughter to read in the future.

The answer is no.  As a registered nurse I have seen violence perpetrated by adults on children and children on children and there is nothing exciting, endearing or heroic about it, so what is it that draws the audience so completely.

It is because we have been desensitised.  It has become an acceptable level of violence, but I have decided not in my story.  I want to weave a tale that shows my characters being forgiving and not retaliating violence with violence.

Its time to let the kids be kids for as long as they can before the inevitable violence of this world encroaches on  them. 

In the above movie one of the theme's was if everyone stops watching they will no longer have a game.  ( here comes the rant).  So if we start declaring to supposed publishers of children's books that there is an unacceptable level of violence in this book, then they will start reviewing their editing practices to children.

I want my story to reflect my morals and belief system, but guess what, it's not what the publishers want, surprise surprise, but welcome to the world of indie self publishing, I can write my story my way.

So here's to another 3 am inspiration session, I promise the next one will be less angsty.


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