Friday, 29 June 2018

Finding Granny

Welcome to the last stop on the Finding Granny Blog Tour

 by Kate Simpson

 Kate is children's author and podcaster based in Sydney, Australia. Her debut picture book, Finding Granny, will be in bookshops in July 2018.

About The Book

Every two seconds, someone in the world suffers a stroke.

In Finding Granny, that someone is Edie’s beloved grandmother. When Edie comes to the hospital, she is confronted by the physical changes in her grandmother: muddled words, a crooked face, a woman confined to bed. This isn’t the ‘playtime, bedtime, story-time pantomime Granny’ that Edie knows. But when her mother takes Edie to watch one of Granny’s art therapy sessions, Edie starts to understand that the Granny she loves is still there. 

Our Review
 Edie's Granny is loads of fun. She's never one to shy away from the odd bucket of slime and when there's ice cream on offer, Granny is the first to share.

So when something happens to Granny, and she has to go to the hospital, Edie is convinced the lady who can't talk like Granny, or walk like Granny, can't possibly be Granny. 

Edie is even a little scared of Granny, until Mama shows her all the wonderful ways Granny is learning to do things again.

In this heartfelt picture book, Kate Simpson touches on a topic which so many young children face. When an illness like a stroke, causes changes in a much loved family member.

With the beautiful water colours by Gwynneth Jones, we watch as Edie and Granny come to find the common ground again.

A place where they understand the world will never quite be the same, but they can navigate the changes with love and compassion.

This book reminded me of when my own Grandpa had a stroke, and the changes I witnessed as a child.
A book like this would have given me such insight into his daily struggle, but also the wonderful blessing of still having Grandpa with us, no matter how different life had become.

I highly recommend this book for any little folks who have family enduring the life changing effects of stroke....

Bravo to Kate and Gwynneth for tackling this difficult subject.

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