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Trouble In Toon Town by Maura Pierlot

About the Book
Title: ​ The Trouble in Tune Town
Author: ​Maura Pierlot Illustrator: ​Sophie Norsa Target:​ 6+
ISBN:  ​9781925545333  ​
Hardback RRP: $​24.95

Joint Winner, Best Children's Illustrated E-Book in the IPPY Book Awards 2018
 Meg is Tune Town’s best music performer, but she’s having trouble rehearsing. So much trouble, in fact, that the notes have run right off the sheet! Can Meg find the notes in time for her big concert? Or are they closer to home than she thought? A colourful book for music-loving-and-learning kids of all ages.

Our Review

Right off the bat, or should I say baton, the sketch and water colour images in this delightful picture book really give it a melodious feel. Illustrator Sophie Norsa has created a color filled feast of musicality as we learn of Meg's dilemma. Her notes have gone missing, they've stepped of the page causing musical machinations in tune town.

As every child learns, when first starting out, music and making it doesn't come easy. It takes hours even years to get it right. Meg feels her song is all wrong, so she gives up. The notes take it personally and try to find a new home, but they just don't fit in anywhere.
Eventually the conductor suggests Meg hum. The notes hear her tune, like they're being called home. On with the show, Meg takes a big step and makes melodies, regardless of them being prefect and the trouble in Toon Town is finally relieved.

Maura Pierlot's words are peppered with musical jargon and along with giving the reader a fantastic visual of how notes work on the page.
I read this to my six year old, who thought it was interesting and entertaining, having very little musical knowledge, I'm ashamed to say, since her mother can sing and spent years learning piano.

Ms Pierlot has also provided a grand glossary of all the musical terms, which was extremely helpful when discussing with my little one.

I highly recommend this beautifully created book to any young budding maestro, or perhaps those who've never been exposed to the wonderful world of music. 

About the Author: 

Maura loves words and has been writing ever since she can remember. Her children started music lessons at an early age, but never really enjoyed practising their instruments, often becoming frustrated when they couldn’t play the right notes. Maura thought learning a song should focus less on playing the notes correctly and more on experiencing and enjoying the music. This was the inspiration for The Trouble in Tune Town, Maura’s first picture book, and its heartfelt message: If you’re having fun, then you're playing all right. Maura also writes for the stage and for young adults. Over the years, she has crafted news and information as a medical journalist, magazine editor, small business owner, marketing consultant and ethicist. She has a PhD in philosophy and enjoys talking about big ideas. Maura lives in Canberra with her husband and their three children, now teenagers. She loves the touch and feel of books, old typewriters, thunderstorms and cheesecake. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, and travelling to new places. She tries to learn something new every day, but to make it fun.

About the Illustrator 

Sophie’s artistic talents were soon discovered by New Frontier Publishing, as a work experience student there. She has written and illustrated her own book, Lisa Absolutely Loves Art, and her illustrated work for Yellow Dress Day put her on the shortlist for the 2013 CBCA Crichton Award. Her other illustrated works include Matilda Saves Santa Claus, Emilia Mouse, Elephant Kitten and Where Do Teachers Go at Night? Sophie enjoys playing across styles and mediums of illustration.

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