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Lizzy's Dragon Blog Tour

 Hi folks and welcome to the Lizzy's Dragon blog tour.  This book is by my dear friend
 Melissa Gijsbers.
 I am so utterly proud of her achievement.

I'm joining in as the last stop on the tour, so be sure to scroll down to visit all the other stops. You won't regret it. There are some great author interviews, teaching notes and general awesomeness about the book. 

Book Description:

When she finds an odd looking egg in the forest behind her house she decides to hide it in her bedroom in the hope that it will hatch into a lizard. What she gets is 'Bubbles', the oddest, fastest growing lizard she has ever seen. It doesn't take long for her annoying little brother to discover her secret pet. It also doesn't take long for Bubbles to grow out of her room. Lizzy begins to wonder whether Bubbles is a lizard at all, or something even more amazing. But how will Lizzy keep Bubbles a secret? And what will happen to Bubbles if anyone finds out about him?

Published 25 June by Morning Star Publishing.

My Review:

Lizzie finds an odd shaped stone in the forest behind her house. She takes it home, hiding it from her pesky little brother Joey, who gets in to everything. It doesn't take long for Lizzie to realise, that it isn't just any old stone. Its growing, and growing fast, into an egg...

When a cute little lizard hatches, Lizzie thinks all her dreams have come true. She's always wanted a pet, but her parents wouldn't let her have one.
When the little lizard starts sneezing water, everywhere, and growing exponentially, Lizzie can't hide it in her room anymore. She finds a cave in the forest and deposits, Bubbles, the names she has decided to call her lizard.
Lizzie grows to love Bubbles, and her lizard grows to become  ... well, a water dragon actually.

A water dragon that can fly!

Bubbles and Lizzie have the best fun, flying over the town, and nobody knows what they are up to.

Tragedy strikes when a bush fire begins spreading throughout the town. Lizzie is desperate to help, and Bubbles begins to shine.  His water wielding ways save the town and he and Lizzie become quite the hero's. They even manage to win over pesky little Joey, who was being a bit naughty earlier on in the story when he threatened to out Lizzie pet to her parents.

This was a beautiful little story, which I started reading without the six year old, but once she saw the cover, she wanted to read it herself.

Racing to catch up to my bookmark, she read it so voraciously. I had to chuckle when I would find her in her room reading while she was supposed to be getting ready for school.
We soon caught up and read the ending aloud.

She announced it was a great book, and was keen for a second.

We highly recommend this delightful read to for kids aged 6-8 who are branching into chapter books, and love a sweet dragon story.

And don't forget to swing by the other stops below.  

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