Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Kid Lit Blog Hop #11 Diary of a Wombat + a Surprise at the end

Welcome back folks to the Kid Lit Blog Hop #11

Today I am going to review a very Aussie picture book for you. Yes I know it was inevitable, we do publish books here too lol. Gigi was given Baby Wombat's Week by Jackie French which is actually called Diary of  a Baby Wombat on Amazon for the international audience. 
It is the second book, Diary of A Wombat was the first, where we follow the hilarious antics of Mothball the wombat. These books have been a huge success in Australia and also internationally, so what is all the hooey about.

 Well, I guess Wombats are native to Australia, along with the Kangaroo's and Koala's so yes we do have quite unique animals I grant you, but we get a bit immune to them. Not that there are wombats on every street or everywhere I go or anything, lol.

Wombats are pretty slow moving, lazy like animals, so when I read this book, I thought, kind of funny. Basically a Wombat scratching around, digging holes, playing with the humans. but Gigi absolutely loves it and asks for it over and over and over.
The illustrations are beautiful and if you ever get all the way down under, it is of course a must to see these lovable creatures especially at Australia Zoo ( only an hours drive from my parents house in Brisbane lol) but if you never make it down here, Diary of a Wombat is a fine substitute.

So there you have it folks. Happy Hopping and stay tuned for "POST OFFICE BOOK REVIEW," brought to you by desperate to make 100 links.

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  1. Mothball is an living legend. The Christmas version of the book is just priceless. Love it.

  2. Ah yes I was meant to put that one in too and forgot, lol, thanks for stopping by off your bookshelf, I imagine you do a bit of scratching around yourself, lol cheers Julie

  3. I'll have to look into that story. And Congrats on yours :)

    1. Oh your blog post had me in tears, thanks for sharing those great books, and stopping by and don't give up, cheers Julie

  4. will have to check out diary of wombat.... thanks for hosting! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, hoommm, looking for your post today, I will have to search again lol, cheers Julie

  5. The book looks adorable. Definitely no wombats here and yes, Australian animals are a big hit here! I am looking forward to the Post Office Book review.
    Thanks for posting about Stanley and Katrina's book! You are wonderful.

    1. Thanks for stopping by cool mom, you are very welcome. I am polishing the post as we speak, lol, stay tuned, I will post it after 90 links Cheers Jules

  6. Hi Julie!
    This looks too cute, thanks so much for hosting the Kid Lit Blog Hop! I love discovering new books on it!

    1. Hi Ang, great to have you on board, enjoy the hop, cheers Julie

  7. I love wombats! I think I must get this for my great-niece :)

    Jemima at Jemima's blog

    1. Yes I think she will love it, Gigi is in love with it, and she is driving Danny mad asking to read it every night lol, quite addictive. Thanks for stopping by. cheers Julie

  8. Visiting from KidLit. Shared my link Two Heart-Warming Books for a Snowy Day,

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Jenny, I have popped over to your site to say hello, cheers Julie

  9. This looks cute! You know, my son wants to visit Australia to see a platypus! Thanks too for all eBook links including yours! Looking forward to checking them out!

    1. Great you could stop by Ann, and I hope you enjoy the books if you get a chance to download, cheers Julie

  10. I've heard of these books, but for some reason I've never read them. The pictures look adorable! Thanks for sharing, Julie.

  11. Huh. Well, now I have to go Google wombats :) lol Thanks for hostessing again, Julie.