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Welcome back to the Kidlit Blog hop #9
Kid Lit Blog Hop
Once again the aim is to join in, check out the other linky's, read some great book reviews, find out about some awesome giveaway's and generally connect with people who are passionate about children's literature. So head on over to

My little Gigi is only 19 months old so our current book favourites revolve around which ever one she finds in her little library. 

I was out with my friend and her little girl the other day and we always have books on hand to keep the girls happy. I had a chuckle when my friend pulled out her little girls' most recent favourite as it looked a bit tattered. LOL, However, on closer inspection it was actually INDESTRUCTIBLE. So presenting the most indestructible book's you will ever find.

About the Authors:
Indestructibles™ was founded by a mother of triplets who quickly found that paper books, even "board books" are too easily turned to mush and can even be a choking hazard. Wishing to provide her children with a book that they could "read" as much as they wanted, she enlisted the help of Kaaren, who developed three working prototypes--three beautiful child-size picture books that were instant and enduring hits.

Kaaren Pixton is a fine artist and children's educator who has been making art with children for thirty years. The idea of printing books on rip proof, waterproof, paperlike material was developed by Kaaren and her daughter-in-law, Amy Pixton. Originally from Ireland, Kaaren lives in Portland, Oregon, and is the proud grandmother of eight. Amy lives in Kansas City, Kansas, with her husband and their three children.

About the books:
Indestructibles are the books built for the way babies read. They are 100 percent baby-proof, chew-proof, rip-proof, and drool-proof. Printed on a unique nontoxic, paperlike material that holds up to anything babies can throw at it—gumming, spilling, dragging across the floor— Indestructibles are the little books that could. They’re indestructible. And if they get dirty, just throw them in the washing machine or dishwasher.

And Look at all these titles, available on Amazon, including quite a few nursery rhymes or you can check out their website

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Julie Anne Grasso


  1. Hi Julie, What a great idea for a baby book! What are these books made out of that you can machine wash and dry them? Amazing.

    Well, I am coming to you live from the Kid Lit Blog Hop Number Nine! Yeah. I am making my rounds on this fair snowy morning. You are my third stop and I enjoy your site.

    Complaint! Why did yo not tell me about the great trailer for the Love Middle Grade Actually book? Now I have to add it to the post. Aaaaaawwwww (that is suppose to be me screaming)

    1. Come on Sue! Won't take a minute to add the trailer (*as she goes to add the trailer to her post that will go live later today!*) lol

    2. Oh dear, In my defence lol I sent you the information before Christine had made the trailer. I know how busy you are so I didn't want to send you another email, amongst your enormous pile of emails to add to the mound. It's a feeble excuse, but I was only thinking of you, lol.
      So sorry, I will send you the code.
      Thanks for hopping cheers Julie

  2. What great ideas. My 2 year old loves books, but is VERY hands on with them! I struggle to find quality books that have enough entertainment in them-often they're just gimmicky. Am amassing a collection slowly though.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, I will hop on over to your site later today, just off to the pool, phew its hot today, cheers Julie

  3. Oh, it's so true! Books really go through the ringer. And can you imagine what library books go through? As respectful as we are with our books (and trust me, some of my sternest lectures have come after I find books on the floor - *gasp*), even just turning the pages over and over and over creates wear and tear. I think this is a great idea! I'm sold! lol

    You are such a regular at the Kid Lit Blog Hop, you sure you don't want to just be a permanent hostess? *ahem* :D BTW, I love your new avatar!

    Tell Sue to stop being such a cry-baby... nevermind, I'm going to tell her myself! ;)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Renee. Thanks re the avatar, found the site on mum on the make site, can send you the link if you like.

      Have sent Sue grovel, bow stoop fall email with the code, lol.

      I am not sure if these comments get sent back to you but I would love to come on as a regular co-host, if you don't mind a completely amateur reviews. I am not great at them, but I hope to at least have one book a month read to reveiw, toddler sleep antics pending.
      If you reply to this message I know that my reply comments do go back to the commentor, phew that was a mouthful. Talk to you soon, cheers Julie

    2. Yes, I do get your replies because I always subscribe to comments when I leave a comment somewhere. I remember now that Melinda (from Mom on the Make) had recommended that site. I have that "somewhere". lol

  4. It's good to know that there are truly indestructible board books that also appeal to kids! Thanks so much for linking up to the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Mia, we loved your Mother/Son review. Cheers Julie

  5. Board books that you can wash?! Mind = blown. These look so cool, thanks for sharing with the Hop!