Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Kid Lit Blog Hop #55

Kid Lit Blog Hop

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 Happy Birthday Dr Seuss

Okay, so I am once again late to the party. You know I confessed in an earlier post, I never read Dr Seuss until a few months ago.

Well, we are mad for him now and it happens to have been his birthday this week.

So, I thought myself so clever when I went to our local Aldi, because they advertised they had Dr Seuss on sale.

I rock up, grab as many as affordable and get home.....

 I start reading them to Gigi....

Hmm ... The Rhyme is not always great...

Hang on!!!!

Okay, so I don't know every Dr Seuss title, but I realised, actually these are not actually his work at all.

They are books based on the Cat In A Hat cartoon, that Gigi actually loves and yes they are a different author and illustrator as we know Dr Seuss passed many years ago.

I was skeptical and a little put out that I had not done my research.  I just figured they didn't have all his well known titles on sale but his lesser known instead.

Anyway, the good news is, Gigi still loves the books and they are actually very educational.

They are lengthy, but that is okay as she is now right into chapter books at 3.5. I didn't realise how much she would actually learn from them.

I haven't given up on my search for his old favourites and our re-use it baby market is coming up soon.  I will be taking a trip to visit my favourite second hand book seller, to find some more Dr Seuss classics.

Until then, I do recommend the new books and I heard on the grape vine that a new Dr Seuss will be released posthumously.

We can't wait.

Until then folks, happy hopping.....


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Happy Hopping!


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  1. We're very much looking forward to the new Dr. Seuss book. I think I read that it's being published in July :)


  2. I have seen those books. Glad to hear they aren't bad, but I'm always distressed by the use of famous authors' names to sell other people's work. I was just trying to think which might be my favorite Seuss book...there are so many wonderful books! I do like the Bartholomew Cubbins books--Bartholomew and the Ooblek and The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins. But then there's Horton...and the great shorts like Yertle the Turtle...oh, just head down to the library and read them all!

  3. Always interesting to see what publishers try to come up with after an author is gone. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  4. You gave me a minor heart attack. I saw the book covers in your post above and said to myself, "I don't recognize ANY of those Dr. Seuss books!" Phew! The classics are quite different - Gigi will love those too. Look for "Finger, Fingers, Thumb, Thumb" - I used to love that one and it isn't quite as lengthy as some of the others. Thanks for linking into the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

  5. Hi Julie. I love your banner! We're run across a couple of those types of books also. Still enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I wasn't brought up with Dr Seuss either but was given some when son No. 1 was small. I have fond memories of reading Green Eggs and Ham incessantly, everywhere - at one piint it was the only book that could be used in any hiccup on life's path, like getting bored on an airplane. I still wonder about the other passengers now :-) - and Horton Hears a Who - my favourite!

    On a different note, can I ask about a technical point of the KidLit Blog Hop - are we supposed to add our link to different linkies on all the host(esses)' sites or just once - it's just I see my link isn't there above so I wondered if I am getting it wrong...?