Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Billy And Monster's Golden Christmas

Got some news for you today.
My buddy David Chuka has released a book just in time for Christmas.

Billy and Monster's Golden Christmas

  Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas is now available to download on Amazon.

I had the pleasure to be interviewed on David’s blog last year and it was fun answering his questions. You can actually read the full interview here.
In this book, which is the fifth instalment in his bestselling series – The Adventures of Billy and Monster – David addresses that scenario we sometimes face during the Christmas: What do we do when we get a gift we don’t really like.
Billy gets a golden pen from Uncle Leland from England while his cousin Bob gets a Monster truck. Billy’s doesn't show any gratitude and his attitude makes his Dad mad and his uncle sad. An incident at the refrigerator while reaching for Grandma’s chocolate caramel pecan pie leads Billy filled with snow and colourful monsters. While he learns about one of the most important things about Christmas.
This sounds very cool so hop on over to check it out just in time for Christmas.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this book! Sending you great big hugs this holiday season. :)