Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Kid Lit Blog Hop #23:The Mysterious Case Of The Missing Honey

Welcome back to the Kid Lit Blog Hop #23

Hurrahhh Spring is here. ( Hang on, I know I know, you are thinking, no its not, its Autum, well not at the bottom of the world......he he)
Finally after hearing all your glorious tales of summer fun, we have hit spring and we are in sunny Brisbane visiting my folks.
We are very busy this week, so we haven't had time for an indepth review but I have made a recent trip to the POST OFFICE
Today, we have a treat for my three loyal fans of the post office review ( you know who you are) With out further ado, here is Post Office Book Review I have lost count.
( for my anyone who has never read an illustrious Post Office Book Review, our local post office has discounted books. Here is another jem)

The Mysterious Case Of The Missing Honey
By Claire Freedman and Holly Swain


Description from the back cover
Someone is stealing Mr Bear's honey. But catching the villain  is proving tricky... Can Inspector Clueless and his sidekick, Sniff-It-Out, outwit the sweet-toothed villain and solve this most sticky of crimes?

First Page

"It was a busy Monday at the police station. Telephones were ringing, computers were computing. Tring Tring.
Inspector Clueless picked up his phone for the tenth time that morning.


 You can never really tell what the toddler is going to love. The illustrations in this one drew her in, but she loves the story too. Hilarious to hear a toddler saying, "lets check out the crime scene," or something slightly garbled like that.

Kids love repetition and each day we return to the police station for the same line above just with a different day. Gigi loves that.
My favourite is when they examine the books for the suspects.  "Fingers The Frog and Nabbit The Rabbit" stand out, so Inspector Clueless and Sniff, go to sniff it out.
Well, I am not going to tell you what they find but it is hilarious.
Just when the case is looking like it has completely stumped Inspector Clueless, Sniff finds another clue and they solve the case.

Well, you know my love for all things mystery and a picture book mystery, I LOVE IT and Gigi does too.

Once again that magic of the post office has not failed us.

Happy hopping folks.
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  1. Yay! A Post Office Book review!!!
    Sounds adorable and I think I would like it very much. I can hear Gigi saying "crime scene" in my head and it is adorable. :)

    Enjoy your vacation

  2. Very cute - and I agree, you never know what books toddlers will enjoy, but, based on your review, this book sounds delightful with its mystery and illustrations.

    Thanks, stopping by via Kid Lit Blog Hop
    Brittany from Tales of a Bookworm

  3. Julie this sounds like such a fun read! The surprise ending is always what keeps the kids coming back isnt it ?
    -Reshama @StackingBooks.com

  4. Hooray for Post Office Book Reviews! I love the illustrations in this one, they are super cute.
    Happy Spring, enjoy some sun!

  5. What a cute book. I bet my grandson would like this one. Have a great Summmer! Cheryl

  6. I like the book already. Any crime fighter with a dog sniffing out clues must be a good book. I love the illustrations you posted. Was it easy to get those from the author/illustrator/publisher (whoever it was you had to deal with)?

    Like your review. But, I want to know who did, it the rabbit or the frog? I bet the frog croaked before he went to jail. The rabbit obviously hopped out of town. So how did the dog sniff them out? (You know the rabbit and the frog were in cahoots.)

  7. Sounds like an interesting book to try to get the kids interested in solving crimes...oh course, I would settle for finding their own shoes :) I might have to pick that one up!!

  8. I lleft a comment yesterday and it is gone. What happened?

    1. Sorry Sue, hub has been changing wrouters so I was offline for a little while. Comment is back. Oops, the photos were pictures I took on my phone but I realised that was probably naughty so I removed them. It's a fab book. Btw I love more reviews in a day, just have been too busy to comment.

  9. I love Sue's comment. Well, it's about time you posted another Post Office Book Review - I count myself as one of your three loyal fans! lol You don't see many picture book mysteries, I must say. It does sound pretty hilarious. Thanks for sharing in the Kid Lit Blog Hop. :)

  10. This sounds like a great introduction to the mystery genre for little kids!

  11. I adore your post office reviews :) Almost as much as I love the names of the characters you just introduced me to! Thanks for hosting the KLBH!