Sunday, 23 December 2012

How to train your Dragon...Dictate

Squee!!!! Guess what Santa gave me as a pre Christmas present. DRAGON DICTATE.

So for anyone who knows me pretty well, I have fairly severe tendonitus from years of cutting dressings as a burns nurse and typing of a book.

I was feeling pretty sad about not being able to finish book 2 ( Return to Cardamom, the sequel to Escape From The Forbidden Planet), so my hubby researched it and we found Dragon Dictate.

It takes a bit of time to train your dragon so that the program recognises your voice and gives an accurate dictation, but so far in the few days before we left on holidays, I was able to dictate about 2000 words. It takes a bit of getting used to saying things like, comma, and open quote's but I am a total fan. I have my sequel mojo back and I can't wait to get home after holidays to continue training and dictating to my Dragon.

Anyway, my wrist is getting sore even now, so I will leave you with an exciting announcement.
Free on Amazon Kindle 24 - 25 Dec
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Escape From The Forbidden Planet
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And here is my cover......Again lol, see you in the blogosphere

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  1. I got that from my hubby too. I have used it a couple times. It is a bit difficult at first, but I can see it being pretty useful. Here's to you finishing the sequel and me finishing my YA book in 2013! Cheers! Happy NEw Year!