Monday, 25 February 2013

Kidlit blog hop # hmm Post office book review

Hi folks, welcome back to the Kidlit blog hop #10

Well, to explain the title of this post, I have a confession. Sometimes I buy cheap books for Gigi from our local post office. They aren't exactly literary genius and occasionally the stories don't make any sense at all. Now that I am a permanent hostess on the hop, I was joking with Renee our illustrious CEO and Master of all that is blog hop, that if we get desperate to make it to our target 100 links, I may be forced to review a post office book.

Well, far be it for me not to rise to a challenge.

We currently have 89 links so here it is. 

Funnily, this is one of the jems that I have found and Gigi loves this one.

Princess Poppy: Get Well Soon
by Janey Louise Jones

Poppy lives on Honey Pot Hill and is busy practising for her gym class, but she just can't keep her mind on it. You see her Grandpa is very sick in hospital and Poppy is very worried about him. When she visits Grandpa in hospital, Poppy gets even more worried. So instead of practising her gym class like she should be, she goes to visit Grandpa every day. As a result, Poppy comes last in her gym competition, but the great thing is that Grandpa is so cheered up by her visits that the doctors let him come home. Grandpa tells Poppy she may not be a gym princess but she will always be his princessAwwww, isn't that wonderful.

The illustrations are very beautiful and there is even a little tiny get well card in the very front of the book from Poppy that encourages the reader to help our loved ones get better by telling them how much we love them.   

Poppy even has a delightful website, for fun, games, puzzles, activities, downloads and more

 So there you have it folks, my post office book review, ha hoom, well, that wasn't so hard, lol.

So come on folks, add in a link, we can beat 100 surely, there are so many wonderful books in this world, no matter where, ha hoom, they are purchased from.

Happy Hopping folks.

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  1. LOL!! No way!! First of all - that book sounds wonderful - what a beautiful message! How can I get our post office to dole out these books? lol

    Of course, you do know I now expect a review of one of these for every Hop!? :D

    Thanks for the wonderful addition to the Hop - we are soooo close to 100!

    1. Lol, I have already collected my post office books into a shelf on our bookscase so that I will be ready, Emergency review to reach 100 links at the ready lol. Catch you on the hop, Jules

  2. Oh my gosh, Julie, I was cracking up reading the intro to this post!
    I second Renee's request for a post office book review in every Hop!

    1. LOL Katie, I am so glad you enjoyed it and Yes I feel POBR ( Post office book review) may become a regular spot on the close to 100 links, so look out for it, cheers Julie

  3. Yes, your intro to this post is so amusing. Love it. I may have to jump in with another book with how close we are to 100. I am still working on getting through all of the posts - so many great posts! Sounds like a great book. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hooray, thanks for stopping by, and you too could review a book from your post office, ha hoom, I am starting to wonder if Australia is the only place that has post office books, lol, thanks for stopping, more jems to come, cheers Jules

  4. Thanks so much, Julie! I love the cover of your book!